The Carologistics RoboCup Team 2015

Authors: Tim Niemueller, Sebastian Reuter, Daniel Ewert, Alexander Ferrein, Sabina Jeschke, Gerhard Lakemeyer
Type: Technical Report
Publication Date: June 2015
Institution: RWTH Aachen University and Aachen University of Applied Sciences
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Abstract: The Carologistics team participates in the RoboCup Logistics League for the fourth year. As a medium complex domain balancing implementation effort and significance the league requires the development and integration of various software components. We outline the approach with an emphasis on the modifications required for the new game in 2015 in terms of custom hardware and software components. Additionally, we report on our efforts regarding the development of the league itself like releasing our full software stack as open source software.

The team members in 2015 are Daniel Ewert, Alexander Ferrein, Nicolas Limpert, Matthias L\"obach, Randolph Maa{\ss}en, David Masternak, Victor Matar\'e, Tobias Neumann, Tim Niemueller, Sebastian Reuter, Johannes Rothe, and Frederik Zwilling.

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