Carologistics Projects

Development of Fawkes is continuous and performed incremental over time. Still there are certain projects with more or less clear boundaries towards other parts and developments of the software. These projects are given a little highlight in this section of the website.

LLSF Referee Box
The referee box is the game control, instruction, and monitoring application for the RoboCup Logistics League Sponsored by Festo. It was primarily developed and tested in Aachen by the Carologistics RoboCup team.
Fawkes Robot Software Framework
The Fawkes Robot Software Framework is a component-based development environment for robotic applications. It has been extended by appropriate adapter modules for the Robotino and various other modules.
RoboCup Logistics League Winter School 2015
The Carologistics organize the RoboCup Logistics League Winter School 2015 to disseminate and discuss the current state of the art in the RoboCup Logistics League.