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Successful Winter School

RoboCup Logistics League Winter School Group PhotoFrom December 7th to 11th, the Carologistics Team organized the first RoboCup Logistics League Winter School in Aachen, Germany. Participants of new and existing teams from Germany, Austria, and Japan attended the event. The winter school was held to help new teams to start into the league and existing teams to adapt to the invasive rule changes performed in the past few years.

The content was based on the (pending) full 2015 software stack release of the Carologistics team to better understand and tackle the problems of perception, navigation and self-localization, using and extending the RCLL simulation and the behavior sub-systems like the Lua-based Behavior Engine and the CLIPS agent.

The winter school was supported by Festo Didactic SE and the RoboCup Federation. The feedback of the participants was very positive and the team enjoyed sharing and discussing ideas with the RCLL community at large!

We are currently preparing the material and will release the videos of the talks in January. The slides and information material can be found on the winter school wiki page.

Posted by Tim Niemueller on December 15, 2015 13:37

RoboCup Logistics League Winter School 2015

The RoboCup Logistics League (RCLL) is one of the youngest of the RoboCup leagues. It is an application-driven league inspired by the industrial scenario of a smart factory. In 2015, the introduction of MPS processing stations and increasing the number of possible products from 3 to nearly 240 has made the RCLL more complex and challenging.

The Carologistics RoboCup team, which won the competition in 2014 and 2015, intends to organize a RoboCup Logistics League Winter School in Aachen, Germany. The purpose is to disseminate the state of the art in the RCLL. This winter school targets new and existing teams for the RCLL. For new teams it will lower the barrier to enter the competition by learning from an existing open-source software stack and simulation. Theoretical sessions will detail the applied methods in fields like perception, navigation, simulation, or behavior. This will be be supplemented by practical hands-on sessions.

More information and a link for the registration is available on the RoboCup Logistics League Winter School 2015 page.

Posted by Tim Niemueller on November 3, 2015 13:00

Winner German Open 2015

The Carologistics RoboCup team was successful again this year at the RoboCup German Open 2015.

This year, the league used actual processing stations based on the Festo Modular Production System (MPS) for the first time. Additionally, the machines were placed freely within certain zones on the field (therefore neither the exact position nore orientation was known before the game) and the number of product variants increased from 3 to almost 300. This made several adjustments necessary to the robot teams as well as to the referee box, the program controlling the environment and machines during the game.

By the end of the tournament we were able to almost complete the exploration phase with only a single machine missing. The robots then executed the first steps for the production phase, but eventually failed as the handling of the machines was not yet precise enough. The robots coordinated to use the stations in the proper order, but the products were not placed properly on the conveyor belt. This is a challenge we will work on on the way towards RoboCup 2015 in Heifei.

Posted by Tim Niemueller on April 26, 2015 12:00

Carologistics win the Racing Challenge

The Carologistics won the racing challenge showing quick motions and capable collision avoidance. This is a new aspect introduced into the game this year by putting two teams on the field. This additional technical challenge then brings in a focus on speed while still avoiding collisions. Teams are increasingly implementing the necessary changes. The Carologistics had a head start being able to re-use existing code from the AllemaniACs RoboCup Team and extending it for holonomic drive and tuning it for quicker stops at higher speeds.

Below are videos of the challenges from the robot's and from the spectators perspectives.

Posted by Tim Niemueller on July 22, 2014 09:14

Campus52 TV snippet about the Carologistics

The Campus52 campus TV has created a short documentary about our preparations for the RoboCup 2014 competitions in Brazil. We think it's great and thank them for their efforts!

We have now arrived and are preparing in the hotel in Joao Pessoa. You can find a flow of posts about our progress on Twitter with the #Carologistics hashtag.

Posted by Tim Niemueller on July 18, 2014 13:28

Second day at the Robocup Eindhoven

Compared to yesterday the vistor count has doubled but there is still a lot of space, and especially seated stands to fill. Also some new attractions arrived today like a second robot Band.

Trying to get es much preperation time as possible the Carologistics team arrived to early this morning and had to wait for the doors to open. The Halls were filled very quickly with busy participants and the preperations began.

The technical challenge today was the robot version of the famous amusement park game whack-a-mole. Luckily the challenges do not count for the tournament because the robot failed to connect to the Ref-Box. The challenge was prepared all morning and looking good in the tests but since we had to use the official access point the communication failed and the robot could not even begin his work.

Fortune didn't smile above the second game of the Carologistics team. Many Problems occurred which wasn't all caused by the robots. Some of the puck was upside down and that made it significantly more difficult for the machines to detect the RFID Chips. Nobody noticed the mistake till it was too late. Also another maintenance had to be called because a robot got stuck in front of the Input Storage trying to get a new Puck.
Good news are that the robots are still working properly with minor things to improve. An other crash was prevented and the Exploration Phase was passed without any trouble. Despite the problems the team had scored 74 points when the game ended. It had been the other way around, not much points through delivery but a good amount from the Exploration Phase. Over all they could live up to their expectations. All the mistakes are noted and get special attention in the next matches.

No game without maintenance so far and other problems. The third game provided the Carologistics with a disconnected Laptop during the maintenance and extremely bad luck with the delivery gate. In nearly all cases the last of the three gates were active. Against all odds the team scored their new record of 116 points!! Only surpassed by the champion from last year, the team of Munich.

Posted by Richard Schulz on June 27, 2013 15:38

The first day at the Robocup 2013

The Robocup started officially this morning and the preliminary round have begun. Not many visitors showed up today but the halls are filled with busy engineer and programmers working on all kinds of robots.

The Carologistics team arrived clocklike at 8 o'clock this morning at the Eindhoven Sports Center where the Robocup takes place. But before they could prepare for the match they had to face the first of three challenges.

The first challenge was to navigate across the field with several obstacles blocking the way. Suprisingly only one out of five teams the "Baby tigers" from from Japan could finish this task. The Carologistic's robot, unforunatly, turned the wrong way in the begining and lost his orientation which he could not restore.

The real match began at 14:00. Due to a mistake in the preperation, both robots checked the same machines during the exploration phase. One Robot had been taken out for maintenance after they recognised the mistake. The rest of the Match went out pretty good in return.
The Robots crashed one time slightly in each other but both robots survived the incident and could navigate away. At the second time they were crossing each others paths was detected early enough to avoid a crash. Ninety-six points were scored by the Carologistics and the first match was a success. Instead of celebrating the team is still focused and working on improving the game.

Posted by Richard Schulz on June 26, 2013 20:00

Final preparations for RoboCup 2013

The Carologistics is preparing for RoboCup 2013 taking place in Eindhoven next week. Besides the typical changes to the behavior code of the robots, the team is also working on integrating and extending and overhead camera system into the LLSF referee box. This system will be tested as a prototype during the competition.

Posted by Tim Niemueller on June 21, 2013 12:19