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We won Robocup 2015 in the Logistics League!

We won Robocup 2015 in the Logistics League! Although having some problems during the first games of the competition we were able to stabilize our exploration for the final and even managed to deliver products correctly. Team Solidus proved to be a worthy opponent and achieved only 8 points less in the exploration phase (you get 8 points for one explored machine). The end result was 46:16 for Carologistics.

The new setup with new machines turned out to be a big challenge and we hope to speed up our production for the next year. But for now we will celebrate the first place before returning to Germany on Friday.

Team members from left to right:
First row (kneeling): Johannes Rothe, Matthias Löbach
Second row: Tobias Neumann, Tim Niemueller, Sebastian Reuter
Third row: Nicolas Limpert, Victor Mataré, Frederik Zwilling
Fourth row: Randolph Maaßen
Missing in this picture: Prof. Dr. Alexander Ferrein, Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke, Prof. Gerhard Lakemeyer, Ph.D.,
Dr. Daniel Ewert, Mostafa Ashraf, Sebastian Schönitz

Posted by Johannes Rothe on July 22, 2015 12:00

Second competition day

The competitions of the second day are over. We are slowly improving game performance, but are still lacking in scoring. The afternoon and evening are used for fixes and new features. We are now preparing for another training game to stabilize all components.

Posted by Johannes Rothe on July 20, 2015 17:00

First competition day

Yesterday we had our first competition day. We did score less than we would've wished, but managed not to lose one. We are optimistic to score better tomorrow though if we manage to fix our worst issues.

Posted by Johannes Rothe on July 19, 2015 17:00

Welcome to China

We arrived safely in Hefei and made first contact with Chinese culture. We are currently assembling the robots for the competitions which start on Sunday.

Posted by Johannes Rothe on July 17, 2015 17:00