Let me introduce the Carologistics Robotino GO2015

The Carologistics Robotino of the German Open 2015

In 2015, the robots have to handle pucks at working height of humans. Therefore, we switched to the new Robotino Version 3. Robotino 3 can handle higher payloads and has better hardware-interfaces for mounting components.
The following image shows our Robotinos including some modifications:
Carologistics Bot GO2015 For further computation power we added a Lenovo Thinkpad X230. The dualcore on the robotino platform is running an Ubuntu Linux and is responsible for hardware interaction (actuators, sensors). On the lenovo, the high-level components such as the behavior engine and our task-level reasoning agent as well as the computer vision components are running on fedora F20. As a middleware, the robot framework Fawkes is used on both robotino platform and lenovo notebook.
For collision avoidance, localization and wall alignment we use Sick Tim5xx LaserScanners. The LaserScanner were a donation from the Sick Sensor Solutions (thank you so much -again). The detection os AR-tags is done with simple Logitech Webcams mounted to the beam of the robotino. A second logitech mounted on top is used for detection of signal lights. To guarantee fixed angles we use serrated locking plates from Ganter Griff.
For grasping cylinders, we developed a gripper, following the example of our fellow RoboCupers from Liverpool. The gripper uses Dynamixel AX12+ motors and Fin Gripper Finger from Festo. The grippers enable us to cope with lateral offsets of the cylinders due to inexact positioning.

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