RoboCup 2014 - Setup Phase

The first two days of the RoboCup are reserved as setup phase for all participating major teams. On arrival at the venue or robots were still sitting in their transportation boxes and had to be assembled. Luckily the hardware survived the the flight, shuttle transport and especially the customs without any damage. Additional spare bots and the batteries were shipped by FESTO via container. Out of ten batteries only two did not survive. Since we are playing with three robots plus one for one of the technical challenges, we had the two required batteries for each robot.

After using the first morning for robot assembly, first test drives were made during the afternoon. Although the first test game was promising, a lot of improvements still had to be implemented. Everytime the conditions in the venue are different. This time for example there are a lot of colored flags at the walls, which disrupt the light detection heavily.

But we are on it to fix all those problems for a succesful playoff phase.

Posted by Matthias Löbach on July 21, 2014 16:26



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