RoboCup 2014 has begun

The RoboCup 2014 is taking place in Joao Pessia, Brasil. 10 teams are battling for the Cup in the Logisitics League sponsored by Festo. Two teams are from Germany - The Bavarian Bending Untis from Munich, and ourselves, Team Carologistics from Aachen. Besides that, 3 teams from Brazil, one from Japan, Egypt, Mexico, Switzerland and one from France. As strong changes have been made to the rulebook as well as the playground - the cards are re-shuffeled. (Please see the official league homepage for more details.) This year, the teams have to show that their robots are able to avoid collisions and track their own position on the large playground. As most teams have relied on odometry only to track their position and followed predefined paths without collision avoidance this means a large challange for them.

Stay tuned for more infos on this Blog.

Posted by Johannes Rothe on July 19, 2014 14:53

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