Qualification Phase: So far, so good!

333 points go to Aachen!

Our final game of the qualification phase was the best one so far, we scored 81 Points! This puts us well in front of the other teams. As hoped vision didn't cause us any problems, and our agent strategy with different roles for each robot turned out well. There is still some debugging to do, but we do have some time now until the play offs start.
During play offs each team will directly compete with an opposing team, the team that scores more points in game will be awarded 3 points. This is potentially very dangerous for us since the number of points scored in the game is not taken into account. One total slip, due to hardware failures or similar, could cost us the finals regardless of our overall performance. So please keep your fingers crossed!!

Posted by Daniel Ewert on April 4, 2014 09:56



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