Playoffs: Three games, three victories!

Caroligistics are entering the finals!

By performing a perfect playoff round we entered the final for the first time in the teams existence! We scored 54:23, 76:47, and 56:18 (The righthand pic is not completely up to date, we passed the 500 points :-)). This means we'll face Munich in the final. Their robots still face some issues with lacking collision avoidance, which resulted in their robots being taken out in earlier games. We are carefully optimistic that we'll deliver a good final game, however we are still very surprised of our success...
All in all we are very happy with the outcome so far, there is still lots to do, right now we try to fix some minor bugs, but only very carefully, of course. Maybe it's a good idea to get some sleep this night to reduce the risk of human casualties tomorrow :-) Our final start around 10:30am, so please keep your fingers crossed!

Posted by Daniel Ewert on April 4, 2014 19:41



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