German Open 2014

On the road to Robocup 2014 in Brasil, Team Carologistics has to proof itself at the German Open in Magdeburg,Germany. This year, six teams are taking part in the Logistics league in Magdeburg. Of these are four teams from germany - Magdeburg, M√ľnchen, L√ľneburg and Aachen - one team from Biel, Swiss and one team from Lille, France. As strong changes have been made to the rulebook as well as the playground - the cards are re-shuffeled.(Please see for more details.) This year, the teams have to show that their robots are able to avoid collisions and track their own position on the large playground. As most teams have relied on odometry only to track their position and followed predefined paths without collision avoidance this means a large challange for them.

As always, this years' Team Carologistics is a mixed team of FH-Aachen and RWTH Aachen Bachelor, Master and PhD-Students.

Posted by Sebastian Reuter on April 3, 2014 14:04

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